Michael Omidi

Author: Michael Omidi

Through his own personal journey, Michael Omidi was moved to become a philanthropist and use his talents and resources to help others. No More Poverty was born out of a deep desire to help those in need through the support of like-minded charities and their worthwhile efforts to fight poverty around the world.

I am passionate about giving back to those in need. A few years ago I traveled to Vietnam to perform reconstructive surgery for the impoverished people of that country. There I saw what it was like for men, women, and children to live a meager existence in abject poverty, struggling on a daily basis for basics like food and water. This is why my brother Julian Omidi and I founded No More Poverty. We want to help those who are suffering by addressing their poverty and providing hope for a better tomorrow.

Poverty affects billions of people around the world in many ways -- homelessness, hunger, abuse, lack clean water, physical and emotional trauma, no medical care or education -- the list unfortunately goes on. No More Poverty addresses these issues and alleviates the suffering through its support of charities that already have the staff and infrastructure in place to do effective work.

Through No More Poverty, my brother and I support a Los Angeles area charity called A Place Called Home. This is an amazing institution that provides children with a safe haven within a very harsh and dangerous community. A place that recognizes and nurtures the talents of these children, helping them believe that a way out, a better life is possible.

On the global front, we also support The Children’s Hunger Fund and a small new charity called Simone’s Kids founded by a special young woman with a very big heart. Both of these organizations are doing tremendous work providing food, clean water, medical care and educational opportunities. The Children’s Hunger Fund works in 72 countries around the world. Simone’s Kids is focused on addressing those same needs in the town of Nakaske in Uganda, one of the world’s poorest countries

No More Poverty is proud to support large, global operations and well as small personal charities. The scale is less important than the fact that good work is accomplished and the poor and destitute of this world are helped and given hope. Please join my brother Julian Omidi and me in our fight for No More Poverty!

By Michael Omidi

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